The Roommate - Rosie Danan Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩/5

Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

A Quick Summary…

Clara Wheaton is the perfect example of what a socialite should be. Her family is prone to drama and scandal, but Clara never seems to be at the heart of it. That is until her childhood best friend and long-time crush offers her a room in his house in California. But when she gets there, she finds out that she won’t be rooming with him but rather a stranger...with a very unexpected profession. This is an adult contemporary romance that is bold, light-hearted, and funny 💓.

Our thoughts...

The Roommate was such a fun and unique contemporary romance! It very much has “smash the patriarchy” vibes which we were absolutely here for 👏. This book turns gender norms on their head as well as women’s sexuality, focusing on female pleasure specifically. It handles taboo topics with humor and ease, approaching them with no shame so you as a reader don’t feel shame either. We LOVED seeing the perspective of a male who worked in the sex entertainment industry and found it so refreshing to see the gender roles reversed from what you would expect. It really helped us learn more about the sex industry and see it in a different light 💡. You really get insight into the industry and what goes on behind the scenes as well as the issues its employees face.

Josh was a great character, and we loved seeing both his confidence and insecurities shine through. We really rooted for him and Clara even though they were complete opposites, they complemented each other so well! The story was fast paced, and definitely do not let the cover fool you; it’s full of plenty of tension and steam 🔥. The build up between Clara and Josh made for some super sexy scenes (we personally thought the foreplay was hotter than the actual sex 👀). We always love a “will they or won't they?” trope, and this book fully delivered that.

And we can’t not address the feminism this book offered. It was super empowering to see women’s pleasure talked about and prioritized in this book . We loved seeing Clara let loose and and open up into becoming more confident about sex and her body 👸. Another female character we absolutely loved was Naomi. She was such a good contrast to Clara, and was both a funny and badass character. We cannot wait to see Naomi’s story continued in The Intimacy Experiment!

While it’s not for everyone, we would recommend The Roommate to anyone (women especially) looking for a forward thinking contemporary read 😊. This was Rosie Danan’s first novel, and we cannot wait to continue reading her books!

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“I can’t tell if I’m afraid of you right now or turned on. Possibly both.”

“If he doesn’t wake up every morning and pray for the privilege of kissing you and touching you, and God, just looking at you, then something within him is deeply deranged.”

“That kind of perfection? It’s impossible. You’re never gonna please everybody. Don’t get me wrong, You’re good, but nobody’s that good.”

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