The Crown of Gilded Bones - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩/5

Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

*Contains MAJOR spoilers for From Blood and Ash series*

A Quick Summary…

This book picks up right where A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire left off, with Poppy and the gang arriving at Atlantia and her getting the shock of her life by learning that she is the rightful queen because of the blood of the gods 🩸that runs through her. Poppy is really thrown into a role she never anticipated and has to make the choice if she wants to claim what is rightfully hers and rule Atlantia alongside Casteel 👑. This is a new adult high fantasy that is romantic, action-packed, and electrifying ⚡️.

Our Thoughts…

WOW 🤯. Let us say that Jennifer Armentrout was not playing around with the third installment of the From Blood and Ash series. This book begins with a BANG and we were holding our breath until the very end 😅. Unlike the other two books, we really felt like JLA came out of the gate running with TCOGB. Within the first eight chapters alone she threatened Casteel, Kieran, and Poppy’s life. The middle of the book does slow down a bit which we appreciated (pls don’t threaten our fave character’s lives every chapter we nearly had multiple heart attacks 💔), and it had a lot of info-dumping about the world. This book really expanded our knowledge on the history of Solis and Atlantia as well as introducing Ilieseeum.

Poppy’s character development throughout The Crown of Gilded Bones is a big reason why the third book was our favorite of the series so far. We love how confident she became by that badass ending, not only with herself but also in her relationship with Casteel (body positivity, sex positivity, healthy relationships YES PLEASE 👏). Poppy and Casteel’s relationship was our favorite in this book compared to the first two. You really get to see them as an official couple and their openness and love for each other is completely insane but we love it all the more for that 🥰. JLA really tested the strength of Poppy and Casteel’s relationship in this book, and they definitely proved that they can withstand anything. We have no doubt that Poppy will get her man back quickly, as that is not Jennifer's style to keep her character’s apart for long. The spice in this book is ✨I M M A C U L A T E ✨. It definitely goes even further than the first two (Casteel is a man of his word: showers, chapter 24 🥵. Don’t worry - he’s still in control though 😉). Seeing Poppy owning herself and her power was incredible, and she is definitely our number one heroine right now. We cannot wait to see the hell she is going to reign down in the fourth book to rescue Casteel and take the entire kingdom 👸.

Also, we have to talk about KIERAN 🐺. We love him even more after this book if that's even possible. As always, the relationship between Casteel and Kieran is so adorable and heartwarming (when Poppy is dying and Kieran is like “ok yeah let’s do this'' to Casteel, omg one of our fave moments 😍). But we absolutely LOVED the development of Kieran and Poppy’s friendship throughout TCOGB, and we’re so excited to see them supporting each other in the fourth book as they work to get Casteel back 💕. And Kieran better get a chance at love because our bebe deserves happiness too. JLA really knows how to write a cast of characters that we are so attached to that it’s unhealthy 🥺.

This book did answer a lot of our questions, including Poppy’s family background. We were shocked to realize that our theory of Ileana being Isbeth was right 😱! Even though we suspected it, the reveal was still heart-wrenching and Katherine was definitely pacing around her apartment when reading that scene 🏃‍♀️. And Ian… we should have learned our lesson from Vikter that JLA can and will hurt us but it was still a shock. Seeing Malik for the first time was also interesting, however, we are not fully convinced that he is on Isbeth’s side 🤔.

We think the best reveal in this book was finding out that the woman in the Red Pearl in From Blood and Ash was THE MISS WILLA COLLYNS 🤯🤯. Meeting Willa exceeded all of our expectations and we can’t wait to see her role in A Shadow in the Ember and as well as the other books in the From Blood and Ash Series. Speaking of ASITE, getting to finally meet Nyktos made us even more excited for the upcoming prequel book (as well as the teasers on the FBAA spoiler group 🔥). While this book did answer the questions we had after reading the first two, we were left with even more questions (like Poppy 😂). We’re curious to see how Tawny is going to play a role in the next books as well as Ires and Malec. Also, we are HERE for the draken 🐉 and can’t wait to see them as an addition to the From Blood and Ash world.

Overall we absolutely loved The Crown of Gilded Bones 👑🦴, it exceeded all of our expectations. We will be (im)patiently waiting for A Shadow in the Ember in October and then for book four in March of 2022!

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“You will bow before your Queen. Or you will bleed before her. It is your choice.”

“He’s a little angry.”
“A little?” I whispered.
“Okay. He’s really angry.”

“I’m constantly in awe of you. I’ve been in awe of you since the night in the Red Pearl.”

“We just made room for you.”

“It’s okay to not be okay with me.”

“Why does everyone act like I run around stabbing people?”

“I’m not going to stop living when I just started to do so.”

“Nothing should ever make you forget that I laugh because of you.”

“I love that godsdamn diary.”

“A King and Queen should be of equal power, no matter what blood courses through their veins.”

“I didn’t choose to be the Maiden or to wear the veil. I didn’t choose to be a descendant of some deity or come back here and break bonds or usurp any bloodlines. The only thing I have ever chosen is your son.”

“I see you found sanctuary and more.”

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