Strange Gods (ARC) - Alison Kimble Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩/5

Spice Level: 🌶/5 (this is strictly YA)

A Quick Summary…

Eighteen-year-old Spooky is a camper at Dodgson ⛺️, a camp for delinquent teenagers. However, one night when she sneaks out of her cabin to meet another camper, things don’t go exactly to plan. She is then thrust into an adventure where she must save the world from being overrun by Strange Gods and monsters. This is a young adult contemporary fantasy that is exciting, coming-of-age, and adventurous 🗺.

Our Thoughts...

First of all we’d like to say thank you to Alison Kimble for reaching out to us and sending us an advanced copy of her debut book! (Release Date - July 20th, 2021)

We both really enjoyed the overall premise and thought this was a unique story. The book is definitely targeted towards teens and young adults, but it still has dark elements to keep us older readers interested 🤩. While this story takes place on Earth and in the contemporary world, the characters in the book visit other worlds and creatures. The world-building was done really well, and Alison was able to give information about how the world works without making it too confusing or taking away from the story. We both really enjoyed the writing style, and this made visualizing the changing settings really easy. While we really enjoyed this story, we feel that our 16-year-old selves would have absolutely LOVED this book 💕.

We also really liked the FMC. First of all, her (nick)name is Spooky and that in itself makes her a character that you instantly want to know more about 🧐. Spooky was flawed, but that is what made her really relatable. We feel that we would have made some of the decisions that she made throughout the book and loved that she was simply human. During her adventure, Spooky starts to self reflect on what got her to camp Dodgson and what kind of future she wants, and realizes that her actions in the present will determine the outcome of her story. She definitely learns throughout the journey how her choices affect others and through that becomes brave and courageous 💪. We also really enjoyed the side characters of Elliot and Bree, they were fully formed and both had their own interesting backstories.

The Gods in this book were very different from other books we’ve read, and definitely very strange. But we enjoyed that aspect of it and found it very refreshing. All the different gods that belonged to various worlds 🌎 were described in great detail, and it was easy to picture all of them. Alison definitely created a unique universe that overlaps with the world we live in today. We also really loved the ending to it and are exciting to learn more! We both really enjoyed this read 🖤, if you’re looking for a YA fantasy adventure with unique world building and relatable characters we highly recommend!

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“You think stories don’t matter to you?” He blinked at her. “From what I’ve observed, you don’t even know when you are telling one.”

“Through the mist that separates all worlds. Through the void. There is a door between our worlds outside.”

“I don’t want to hear another word about rocks.”
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