Starlight - Olivia Wildenstein Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩/5

Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶.5/5

*Contains MAJOR spoilers for the entire Angels of Elysium Series*

A Quick Summary…

Taking place 18 years after Feather, the final book in the Angels of Elysium series tells the story of Naya and Adam. When they first meet, the only thing they seem to share is black wings and the same birthday. However, both begin to notice an unexplainable bond that becomes harder to deny. This is a dark paranormal romance that is heartfelt, hopeful, and beautiful 🖤.

Our Thoughts…

As we’ve said before this is one of our favorite series ever, and the final book did not disappoint us one bit. While we would happily read any future books Olivia released with these characters and this world, Starlight was the most beautiful and perfect ending. It fully healed our hearts after the events of Feather and Celestial and gave us the closure we needed. This is truly one of the most beautifully written plots over a series that we’ve ever experienced. Feather destroyed us, Celestial resurrected us, and Starlight healed us, but the scars still remain as a reminder of our experiences 🥺.

We loved Naya and Adam’s story and really appreciated that they didn’t have the same personalities as Leigh and Jarod. Because they didn’t have the same upbringing or environment it would not make sense if they were the same people, but Olivia still kept the fundamental pieces of them: their souls. We thought it made the message of them being soul halfs and finding each other in every lifetime even more powerful. We even liked Naya and Adam better as characters than we did Leigh and Jarod, they were both stronger individually without losing their undying love and passion for one another. All of the “flashback” moments had us holding our breath, and Olivia did such a great job of hinting at things from Feather (we’re sure that we’ll notice even more easter eggs when we reread). Seeing Adam getting jealous of Jarod was hilarious, it was so fun to know things that our main couple didn’t and the anticipation of it being revealed to them. And of course, every time Adam called Naya Feather we died a little 😭. We also really liked how Naya and Adam took the news of being reincarnated and didn’t resent their family; they understood why they were kept apart and the beauty of a second chance.

The new additions of side characters like Noah and Galina were so fresh, and we couldn’t get enough of them. Seeing the characters we know and love was also so heartwarming and made the ending even sweeter. Getting to see Asher and Celeste again and witness they’re incredibly cute banter as well as the life they’ve made together was amazing 💜. We absolutely love the world that Olivia has created and the concept that death isn’t the end, it’s such a simple concept but it works so well. In each book Olivia built upon the world in a natural way and it was never too overwhelming or confusing which is so appreciated, especially in such an emotionally charged and character driven series. This is a journey that will break your heart and then piece it back together in ways you never imagined, and that’s what’s made it so special for us. We’re so grateful to Olivia for sending us this ARC and creating a series that will forever be one of our favorites ✨!



“The absence of wings does not mean the absence of a heart”

“To me, nothing’s more important than a person’s soul. Everything else fades. Only the soul remains.”

“The most fitting nickname to encompass all that you are Naya, is Feather.”

“I assure you Feather, you’re very wingable.”

“I’m starting to wonder if you were made for me. Because there isn’t a thing about you I don’t find captivating.”

“I adore you, Adam-no-last-name, grumpy-most-of-the-time, romantic-the-rest-of-the-time. My first. My last. My everything.”

“No, you died for Jarod. You’ll live for me.”
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