Get a Life, Chloe Brown - Talia Hibbert Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩.5/5

Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

A Quick Summary…

After a near death experience, chronically ill Chloe Brown decides to create a to-do list of things she’s always wanted to do 📝. Being an introverted homebody, Chloe decides to enlist her leather jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding superintendent Red Morgan to help cross goals off of her list. What she doesn’t expect is to learn that there’s more to Red than meets the eye, and he might just be the one to help Chloe finally live her life to the fullest. This is an adult contemporary romance that is endearing, funny, and sweet 🧁.

Our Thoughts…

Reading this book was like eating a bag of marshmallows, it was so heartwarming, fluffy, and sweet ☺️. But at the same time the characters were complex and written in a way that made them feel as close to real people as possible. Get a Life, Chloe Brown is an enemies to friends to lovers story, and we promise you it’ll give you all the happy feelings. We absolutely loved Chloe 💓. She is one of the most relatable characters we have read; when she felt embarrassed, we were right there with her. We also loved that this book was incredibly diverse in many different aspects. It was great to read about a chronically ill black woman as the MC as well as a man who was in an abusive relationship (it’s not often that we hear about a woman being the abuser in any type of relationship).

Chloe was super strong and resilient while also not hiding from the weaker parts of herself, which made the story even more endearing. And Red’s acceptance of her for all the good and bad was amazing 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨. Throughout the book, Red showed Chloe time and time again how he supported her unconditionally without judgement or pity. The spice in this book is definitely hot, and this is a fully adult read 🔥. We were living for the body positivity and sex positivity, as well as writing a chronically ill character to be confident in herself and seen as desirable. Red was also a fully formed character as we said above (how can you not fall in love with a bad boy who is actually a softie, also: motorcycle 🏍). He definitely had his own baggage from his past emotionally abusive relationship, and was able to grow so much throughout his journey with Chloe.

The character development in Get a Life, Chloe Brown was really strong, and is a huge reason why we loved it so much. We liked that both characters went on a journey of self acceptance where they were able to conquer insecurities from their past and found a way to help each other grow 📈. Chloe struggled with the fear of those close to her leaving, and Red had a hard time learning to open himself up and trust in someone else again. While there were struggles along the way, they ultimately were able to overcome their past as individuals but with the support of each other. There was a scene that really resonated with us towards the end of the book when Chloe and Red were talking about what they mean to each other. During this conversation, they basically said “I know I’m ok without you, but my life is better with you in it”, and we found that such a mature way to look at relationships and love. Being able to acknowledge that you can stand on your own if needed but that someone adds joy to your life is an incredible thing 💖.

Ultimately this was a story about trusting and opening yourself up to love when you least expect it, and that taking that risk is the bravest thing you can do 👏. If you’re looking for a heartwarming read with real characters you cannot help but root for, Get a Life, Chloe Brown is a must! We are certainly going to be checking out the next two books in the series that focus on each of Chloe’s sisters 👯‍♀️.

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“So I’m doing it for you because that’s how people should behave; they should fill in each other’s gaps.”

“Love is certainly never safe, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

“Bravery wasn't an identity, so much as a choice.”

“Red,' she whispered. 'You don't always have to be okay.' She leaned closer and pressed a kiss to his cheek. He was still for a moment. But then he looked at her, and smiled, and murmured, "I know. But I am okay, with you.”

“You always say such lovely things to me, Red. Do you say them to yourself?”

“You are a woman who, in a life filled with pain, came here to ask about love.”

“She was the woman who’d come here to ask about love. She was the woman who’d decided to change her entire life with nothing but a list. She was the woman who survived, every single day. She was Chloe fucking Brown, and she was starting to wonder if she’d been brave from the beginning. If she’d just needed to love herself enough to realize it.”

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