Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead - Elle Cosimano Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩.5/5

Spice Level: 🌶/5 (there is some romance but no spice)

*contains spoilers from the Finlay Donovan series*

A Quick Summary…

Finlay Donovan is a divorced mom of two kids struggling to make ends meet as an author. She’s once again thrown into the world of crime after learning someone wants her ex-husband dead. As Finlay and Vero try to navigate saving Stevan, outside forces complicate their plans while her next book deadline gets closer and closer. This is an adult mystery that is dark, witty, and chaotic 🤣.

Our thoughts…

The second book of this fun mystery series was yet again a super fun and nerve-wracking ride (seriously how does Finlay KEEP getting herself in these situations 🙈). It was fast-paced and action-packed! Finlay's life is no less chaotic than in the first book, and we see her continue to struggle balancing being a single mother and author while engaging in some (only slightly) illegal activity. Finlay and Vero’s friendship was by far our favorite part of it 🥺. They are even closer than in the previous book (burying a dead body will do that to you 👀), and it’s just so refreshing to have a female friendship at the center of a book. While Finlay does have a little love triangle going - side note we switched sides from the last book - it really does place the most focus on her and Vero as besties (and we would even argue, as sisters) 👯‍♀️. We got to see a little more insight on Vero’s past, which was great and made her an even more fully-formed character.

The way that Elle writes really allows you to picture the scenes as they’re happening which we LOVE, it’s like watching a tv show or movie. Overall if you like fun mysteries that will keep you on the edge of your seat this series is for you! Thank you so much to Elle Cosimano and NetGalley for sending us an ARC of this book, we can’t wait to hear all your thoughts when it comes out on February 1st!

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“Why did my heroine need a hero to save her? Why couldn’t she just be trusted to save herself?

“Vero and I might not have known each other for long, or even very well, when she’d stumbled into the garage and help me bury a body, but she was family now.”

“The only two men I wanted to think about right now were far from hot, and their names were Ben and Jerry.”

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