Celestial - Olivia Wildenstein Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2021


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩/5

Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶.5/5

*Contains spoilers for Feather*

A Quick Summary…

Celeste has ninety-two days before she is finally free of the feathers that have brought so much pain into her life 🪶. Since the events of Feather, she has spent the last four years swearing off any angelic duties, living her life as she wants and speaking her mind. But when the death of the one closest to her after the death of Leigh brings back old ghosts, she learns more about the events surrounding her friend’s tragic death those years ago. Seraph Asher flies 👼 back into her life and is insistent she complete her wings, but ultimately Celeste must decide if she is willing to allow herself to feel hope and love again. This is a dark paranormal romance that is funny, beautiful, and heartwarming 💜.

Our Thoughts…

After reading Feather, we really did not think that this book could repair our hearts, but it did that and so much more 🥰. Although it takes place in the same world and involves a lot of the same dark themes, Celestial definitely leaves the reader feeling way more uplifted and hopeful compared to the first book in the Angels of Elysium series. After the loss of Leigh, Celeste is incredibly distrusting of the angels and the entire establishment, swearing off everything that involves them. But when Seraph Asher comes back into her life and shares with her what he did with Leigh's soul, she decides that she ultimately wants to fight to gain her remaining feathers. Although she is incredibly stubborn and not receptive to Asher at the start, Celeste really begins to open up throughout the book and see that the angels can be redeemed in her eyes. This is a true enemies to lovers story which we LOVE 🤩. Asher and Celeste’s dynamic is so fun to watch and we loved seeing their sarcastic banter with each other throughout the book. And the spicy moments during this book were even hotter than Feather in our opinion - Celeste and Asher had a great combination of both heartfelt and steamy moments. We usually do not prefer blonde haired 👱🏻‍♂️ love interests but in this case Asher was so swoon-worthy. Asher’s character arc in Celestial was great and we really got to see him redeemed from how the first book painted him 🤍.

Celeste is the star of the show though in this book. After reading Feather we were really excited to see Celeste take on the main role and she definitely delivered. She is a very different character from Leigh; being funny, sarcastic, free-spirited, and jaded. There were definitely a lot of laugh out loud moments in this one, especially whenever Celeste would tease Asher 😉. We also thought the way in which Leigh and Jarod got another chance at a happy life was so well done, it was incredibly sweet and repaired our broken hearts. Even though Feather ended the way it did, in this book you really are assured that although Leigh and Jarod’s story ended tragically, there is a world in which they will get a second chance 🥺. As was the case with Feather, Celestial does a great job of providing easy to understand world building and a fast paced plot. Olivia always seems to think of everything that the reader would need to get the best experience out of the book. She provides another glossary of definitions as well as character fan art which makes going into the read way more enjoyable. Overall we loved this installment of the series and it made us feel all the happy emotions. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Naya and Adam in Starlight 💫!

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"You can rewrite this story a million different ways, Celeste, but it will always end the same. It will end with you and me."

”Ta yot neshahadzaleh, levsheh.” His fingertips danced up the length of my spine, then back down, before wrapping delicately around my waist. “You are my soulhalf, sweetheart.”

Her gaze followed its collapse, while mine traced the wings curled around her, wings that looked like someone had sheared off a piece of starry night sky and fit it to her spine. When her eyes settled back on mine, glittery black as her feathers, I murmured, “And so, we finally meet.” Adam and Naya 🖤

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