Can’t Fix Cupid - Raven Kennedy Review


Overall Rating: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩/5

Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶/5

A Quick Summary…

Trix is a cupid whose powers don’t seem to work on anyone. In fact, her powers seem to have the opposite effect on people! In an effort not to get sucked out of existence, she has to learn how to fix her powers fast and makes it her mission to help billionaire Warren Knight find love. This is a new adult urban fantasy romance that is light-hearted, hilarious, and fun 💘 .

Our thoughts…

This book had both of us laughing the whole way through 🤣. Can’t Fix Cupid is another book where we really enjoyed the humor because it is close to how we talk in real life. While this is a spin off of another one of Raven Kennedy’s series, this one was super easy to get into and you do not have to have read any of the others to enjoy or understand it. The world that Raven creates is super interesting and we loved how she portrayed the afterlife and the various “jobs” you can have 😇.

Trix is such a likeable and relatable character, her inner monologue is absolutely hilarious. You really get to see her unfiltered reactions in every situation, and let us tell you they are anything but dull or predictable. Her interactions with people in the human world, especially Warren, gave us so much secondhand embarrassment but in the best way 🙈. Trix really does have a lot of heart in addition to her humor, and we were super invested in her story of fixing her powers and possibly finding love for herself along the way 💞. Warren was another character that we loved and were invested in. While at first he appears to be a standoffish jerk, you quickly learn there is more to him that meets the eye. He definitely hides the best parts of himself from just about everyone, until he meets Trix ☺️. We loved the dynamic between Trix and Warren, they really complemented each other as characters even though they couldn’t be more different. The spice in this book covers a lot of bases, it’s sweet and funny 🍬 in some moments while other scenes are heated and intense ❤️‍🔥. We can assure you the romance will not leave you wanting more in that department 🔥.

Can’t Fix Cupid was also diverse in its side characters and storylines (you’ll have to read to find out exactly what we mean 👀) which we really appreciated, it made the world feel well developed and complex. While this book is heavy on the humor, it does have emotional elements and scenes that make it have more depth than just a simple fantasy romantic comedy. Reading this one definitely made us want to check out Raven’s Heart Hassle series as that takes place in the same world. This is a great paranormal standalone read that we’d highly recommend if you’re looking for easy to understand urban fantasy romance with a heavy dose of humor 💖!

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“You’ve got what we all a case of cupidile dysfunction”

“I am shooketh and offended...eth.”

“Did you fall on your head as a child? Or do you perhaps have a video camera attached to your God-awful dress so that you can upload some sort of prank video?”

“Sweet buck-toothed beaver, his muscled form beneath his shirt would make any dam burst.”

“But I suppose when we’re closest to each other, that’s when we’re often the most blind.”

“Next time, you should just tell a girl that you have a big, gigantic, throbbing crush on her.”

“You look good enough to eat, Miss Valentine. And I intend to devour you.”

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